South American Plesiosaur Sightings


Andean Foot Hills, Patagonia


      An American prospector working in the Andean Foot Hills came across a trail of giant tracks leading into a nearby lake in 1922. Later he wrote, “I saw in the middle of the lake an animal with a huge neck like a swan, and the movements made me to suppose the beast to have a body like that of a crocodile.”


White Lake, Patagonia


      Near White Lake, locals tell of a strange beast with reptile-neck neck swimming in the darkness of night. Also in the night strange noises can heard and something sliding on the beach.


The River Tamango, Border of Chile and Argentina


      In 1907, a member of the Boundary Demarcation Commison was exploring the River Tamango, in which on he found a carcass of a plesiosaur-like animal and some tracks.


Lake Najuel Huapi 


      After having ventured to Lake Najuel Huapi in 1910, George Garret and his son were in a boat when the caught sight of a strange monster. He wrote “I happened to look astern towards the centre of the inlet, and, to my surprise, I saw about a quarter of a mile to leeward, an object which appeared to be 15 to 20 feet in diameter, and perhaps six feet above the water. On mentioning my experience to my neighbors they said the Indians often spoke of immense water animals they had seen from time to time.”

      Of all of the monsters in South America, the plesiosaur of Lake Najuel Huapi is the most famous. Now called Nahuelito, it is still seen by locals sometimes.