Dinosaur-like Creature Sightings in




Lake Labynkr, Eastern Siberia


     In 1954 a geologist supposedly saw a “strange creature” in the lake. At this time I have no other information.


Lake Khaiyr, Yakutia


     In 1964, an expedition led by G. Rukosuyer arrived at the lake, searching for the alleged monster. A biologist and staff member of the Yakut Branch of the Academy of Sciences, N. Gladkika went to lake to get to water, when he saw a strange creature on shore. It had a small head, long neck, black skin, and a fin on it’s back. It appears in his sketch that the monster had large flippers. Later the expedition leader and several others saw the animal in the center of the lake. It was slapping the water with it’s long tail. A geologist named Rukosuyer wrote “You can imagine our astonishment when we saw with our own eyes that the stories were true.”


Lake Labinkir, Yakutia


     In the early 1960’s several people saw a monster with a long neck come up out of the lake. It was also making a eerie sound.

      Another person who saw it claimed the creature was lizard-like.

       Some reindeer owners claimed they saw the monster’s long neck bolt out of the water, trying to catch a nearby fowl.

       In 1964 a group of hunters saw a deer swimming in the water with a dog in close pursuit. Suddenly out of mist a giant dinosaur-like monster appeared and the deer and dog disappeared into the waters.


Lake Kokkol, “Central Asian part of Russian”


     In the summer of 1976, a geological professor, A. Petjerskjj saw a monster some twenty to thirty feet away. He wrote “Blurred zigzag contours rose from the water and an enormous tail of at least 15 meters whipped the surface.” He also saw it’s six foot head.


Lake Vorota, Eastern Siberia


     Russian geologist, V. A. Tverdokhlebov and Boris Bashkatov were with a group doing geological studies near the lake in July of 1953. While visiting the lake he and his colleague saw barrel-sized hump moving across the lake. When it got closer, a head and appeared and more details of the hump. It’s head was around six feet wide and the body thirty-forty feet long. On it’s hump was a large fin, similar to that which naturalists saw off the coast of Brazil in 1905. It slapped the water, shooting a “cascade of spray,” then dove under.

     In the 1960’s several geologists were said to have seen a monster with a large fin on it’s back and gray in color.