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                                 By Phillip O'Donnell


    Over 1,170 people say they have seen a monster in a lake in British Columbia, called Lake Okanagan.  It’s approximate depth is over 1,200 feet and the lake’s system has a length of 80 miles. Recent films and sonar readings have proved that the creature called, “Ogopogo,” is real. Lake Okanagan has an abundance of fish, krill, and shrimp. It is interesting because many paleontologists say that Plesiosaurs probably ate shrimp. In the year 2000, Arlene Gaal, Mike Guzzi, and Masayuki Tamaki were watching the sonar screen onboard a boat when it showed a 30 foot long creature with bubbles rising from it. They were able to distinguish a small head, a body and tail, and appendages on it’s sides. Ogopogo is said to have a head like a horse, a long neck, one to several humps, webbed feet or flippers, and a long, whip-like tail.



    In 1976, Inez Cooper found several strange footprints on shore sometime after her encounter with Ogopogo. They were about 5 inches long and 5 inches wide.

     An anonymous man who is now deceased said that he saw a baby Ogopogo in some reeds on Lake Shore road.

     John Greig  was  bicy-cling home one night when the moon was full, in the year 1948. After hearing noises in a nearby field he saw a reptilian animal walking around with webbed feet. He silently watched the strange creature walk back into the lake.

     A large animal resembling a log was seen onshore by Audrey Gellatly in 1935. He also watched it slither into the lake.

     On August 15, 1980, Frank and Jim Rieger were fishing when a giant reptilian creature followed alongside their boat for forty minutes. The creature was moving it’s 8 to 10 foot neck from side to side while scooping up Kokanee, a local species of fish. It had four legs with it’s two back legs being used to push itself through  the water. It also had a very long tail and was around 40 feet in length.

     On July 8, 1977, Erin Neely was water skiing when she saw Ogopogo nearby. The waves from the animal made her fall over into the water. She could see the creature passing a few feet under her as she looked down into the water.

     A person who went by the name of “Tom” was working on the cruise ship, Okanagan Princess when he saw Ogopogo swim 18 feet under the boat through their sonar screen in 1998. He could see it’s flippers and a long tail.

     In 2000, at midnight, eleven people saw a 12 foot long Ogopogo that had four flippers and was moving similar to that of a caterpillar.

     On September 9, 2000, Andy and Vince were on board a ship called the Mysis, when they watched a 40 foot long creature break into their fishing net that was full of shrimp.

     Also, in the year 2000, a marathon swimmer named Daryl Ellis saw two, 20 to 30 foot long animals while swimming across the lake for nearly two hours. One of the creatures swam near him and he could see it’s large eyes which were about the size of a grapefruit.