The Monster of Lake Vattern


       Lake Vattern is located in Sweden. It is over three-hundred and fifty feet deep and is Sweden’s largest freshwater lake.

      In 1897, an ugly creature walked out of the lake, onto the shore. Surprisingly, it had two, short legs. It later returned into the water.

     Captain Egon Johansson of the tugboat “Hebe 3” was in the southern end of the lake on August 26, 1947. He saw two humps on the surface of the water. They were about forty-fifty feet long and were about two feet high. When a airplane flew nearby, the humps vanished into the water.

     On July 25, 2001, two people were watching the lake, when about one-hundred and fifty feet away, three humps appeared.

     In 1975, fishermen were complaining that “something large and unknown had ripped holes in their nets.” Strangely, Ogopogo has done the same.


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