“Manipogo” the Lake Manitoba Monster


       Lake Manitoba is in Manitoba, Cannada. Named after “Ogopogo” this creature is believed by some to be a living dinosaur or sea dragon. It is said to have a horse-like head and has a log-like appearance when resting on the surface. One eyewitness said that it looked like a “dragon with a horse head.”

       In 1957 Louis Belcher and Eddie Nipanik saw a giant serpent-like creature in the lake.

       Richard Vincent and John Konefell was fishing in the motorboat in Lake Manitoba in late 1962. They saw a creature resembling a large snake swimming about 60 yards from them. They took one photograph of the creature which shows a serpentine creature.

      C. P. Alric reported that in 1948 he saw a creature rise six feet out of the water in the mashes. The animal was screaming “an unearthly cry.”

       Around the 1960’s, Mr. and Mrs. Stople saw a “reptile-like beast surfacing about thirty feet from their boat

       On July 22nd, twenty people saw what appeared to them as a “large reptile. A few weeks later seventeen people saw the creature from the same beach.




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