Selma, the Monster of Lake Seljordsvatnet


    Lake Seljordsvatnet is located in the Count of Telemark, Norway. The monster has been seen for hundreds of years. The monster does not attack anyone, but rather frightens them by it horrifying appearance. It has been dubbed “Selma.”

     In 1996, two men fishing at dusk on the lake. Suddenly, there was commotion on the water and ten foot neck rose from the water. Seconds later a horse-like head on a ten foot was looking at them from about eight inches. One witness said “The animal stared at me with big black eyes in what seemed like an eternity.”

    In 2001, two people near the beach saw a giant, snake-like creature on shore! After looking at them, it slid back into the water. They estimated it’s length to be around forty feet long.